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2015 Mexico International Green Energy Expo

Time: Sep.23rd-25th, 2015
Location: Mexico International Trade Center
Mexico International Green Energy Expo is the largest green energy expo in Mexico. It has successfully experienced 21 years. It is made up of four themes which include EnviroPro, PowerMex, WaterMex and Green City. The Expo is strongly supported by the Mexico Green Energy Department and CONIECO (the National Association of Industrial Ecologists). The Expo makes great contribution to the environment projects in Mexico. In the year 2014 Expo there are totally 350 exhibitors coming from America, Germany, China, Canada, Australia and etc. Total exhibition area is more than 15,000 square meter, There are 1,800 audiences from 25 countries.

Exhibition Content:
Solar power usage, solar thermal and photovoltaic products, solar panels module, solar water heater, solar oven, solar heating, solar air conditioner, solar power system, solar battery, solar lighting, solar panels, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic lightening system and products, assembly and related production equipment, measurement and control system, solar wall and roof assembly, measurement and control system, solar system control software, photovoltaic electric power generation system project, solar drip irrigation project, solar heating system project and renewable energy product and application, solar project design plan, solar technology usage in the construction area.

Green energy: wind generator, wind power turbine blade, wind power accessory products, biomass fuel, tidal energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy and etc.

Environmental protection: waste utilization, fuel electromagnetic, coal treatment, air energy, environmental protection and energy saving, pollution control and recycling, conservation of natural and cultural resources, energy policy, energy investment and etc.

Water treatment: water treatment technology and equipment, water supply and draining system, valves, pumps, pipes and etc.

Green City: green construction, green energy reform, sustainable development, green products, practice and technology, low energy consumption, associations and institutions, clean transportation and etc.

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