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Liaoning Yi.Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. "PV , Always on your side"PV science popularization campaign

Liaoning Yi.Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. launched a photovoltaic science campaign on the subject "PV on your side" in front of the Municipal People's Park on August 1st , 2015. The main purpose of the campaign is to let people know more about the photovoltaic industry through photovoltaic power generation systems, components, applications and policy lectures and physical display. It plays a role of PV development, and make people who want to join the field of photovoltaic know it better now or later.
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The show demonstrated our tracking photovoltaic systems, solar water pumps, and our own R&D solar photovoltaic application products, It attracted a number of people come to visit. This is a one-day campaign, and we will do some more in the future, please feel free to focus on the company's official website.
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