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Personnel training
We are equipped professional training lecturers, not only providing the courses of professional skill, but also having skill shows, communicate and influence others skill course and so on. According to perfect training systems, variety training courses, from theory to practice, comprehensively promote your professional skill and compete.
Professional development
Wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, biomass energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy and other reproducible resources have the characteristics of resources branch widely, potentialities utilized largely, little pollution to environment, can permanent utilize. We are the fastest growing country in new energy and renewable energy. Authority said there will be attached more importance to the solar energy industry in the future, and will promulgate a range of fiscal supporting policies here, you will have opportunity to work with brilliant performance workmates, grow up continuously, through own endeavor, you can achieve rich experience, master professional techniques. Finally we belong together to achieve the goal of mutual benefits, and to be a solar energy industry leader.
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