Sharing business
The value of respect each other, the vast stage
Yi.Solar respects the aspiration of staff, encourages them to display their talent, promotes innovation positively and has a strong enterprise culture, which are common values and goals that make us hang together. Yi.Solar wasn’t successful without the contribution of staff. Thus we pay much attention to developing a staff culture based on the value of respect each other. We provide vast stage for staff who have ability and are willing to take challenge. At Yi.Solar, We continue to pursue progress and development. One of our important works is to convert excellent ideas into benefits. There are lots of cautious and conscientious staff at Yi.Solar.
Realize the balance between work and life
The happy life is not only to work happily, and it needs more space to create your own career, to establish clear life goal, to try to make yourself outstanding, to be a person who is good at choosing and pursues goals and to build a different development framework.
Yi.Solar provides a lot of work chances to realize the balance between work and life. We firmly believe that our success comes from the staffs that are eager for success.
People First
We do insist in People First to give each employee a full play of their abilities. As same as other company, we set up different level of structure and system for working easily, efficiently and objectively
Big goal executed by going all out of ourselves---It made Yi.Solar
“Global Village” workplace
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